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A Complete Guide to Rolling the Best Joint

Jan 17

To consume cannabis, there is still nothing quite like smoking a joint, which remains one of the most prevalent techniques. However, it can be difficult to roll a high-quality joint. If you don't do it correctly, you could end up with a large mess and no marijuana to consume! In this blog post, we will demonstrate how to roll joints similar to pre-rolled cannabis.

A Lost Art: Joint Rolling

Before marijuana was legalized, any stoner worth their weight in schwag was capable of rolling a mean joint. Due to the availability of pre-rolled joints and alternative methods of cannabis ingestion, many modern users are likely unfamiliar with the process of rolling joints.

Those unable to roll their own joints are not excluded from the cannabis culture of today. For those who cannot do it themselves, there are rose petal blunts, oil-wrapped pre-rolls, and joints encrusted with THC diamonds. However, there is something about making your own joint that is more soul-satisfying. Now that each success has been more legitimately earned, it has a somewhat different flavor. It is never too late to roll your first joint, regardless of how long you've been a cannabis consumer.

Rolling a Joint: A Guide

There are six processes to rolling a joint. Before beginning this technique, make sure you have all the necessary materials:

  • Favorite strain of cannabis
  • Cones used for pre-rolls or rolling papers
  • Crutch
  • Grinder

Shred Your Weed

The cannabis must be ground before use. If the plant has been dried enough, it should crumble easily. Using the grinder prevents your hands from sweating and sticking to the rolling paper. If you don't have a grinder, you can alternatively break up the cannabis with scissors or a set of keys.

By removing any sharp edges or stems that could potentially damage the pre-roll or rolling paper, grinding the product creates a texture that is more suitable for pressing against the fragile paper.

Set a Filter or Crutch

After grinding the cannabis, you must produce a crutch, often known as a "filter" or "tip" when using rolling papers. You'll need thin cardboard or a material equivalent to it. A crutch is attached to one end of the rolling paper. Start by creating a few "accordion-style" folds near the end of your paper to create a junction with the required thickness. The objective of the filter in joint smoking is to keep the smoke from escaping. Additionally, it aids in maintaining the structural integrity of your project.

Tie Things Up and Put It Away

Typically, cones purchased from Frost, another dispensary, or a neighborhood smoke shop come with a small plastic tube to help them hold their shape. This apparatus can be utilized as a packer to efficiently fill the pre-roll cone. Long and narrow objects, such as chopsticks or pencil erasers, can also serve as substitutes for straws.

Start by pressing down on a small bit of cannabis at the base of the paper cone near the crutch. It is necessary to compact the base of the cone for an evenly rolled junction. If you fail to pack this component properly, the entire joint could collapse and break.

This operation is simplified by the use of rolling papers. Simply roll the paper back and forth between your fingers to create a cone shape.

Rock and Roll and Twist and Shout

The penultimate step in rolling papers is crucial, as the manner in which a joint is rolled has a significant impact on its quality. Ensure that the unglued portion of the paper is tucked into the wrap before rolling your joint. Finalize the top edge by rolling once more (leave a tiny gap at the end). Utilize the filter side first, since this will make tucking and sealing easier.

When using pre-roll cones, leave the top of the paper blank so it can be securely sealed. Roll the paper between your thumb and index finger in one direction until the joint takes its final shape.

The First Strike

It's time to celebrate your invention's completion with a well-deserved puff. When lighting the wick, avoid contacting the cannabis with the open flame. Make sure the match is completely extinguished before handing it on.

Savor the flavor of your precisely rolled joint! You're a winner! You can now reap the benefits of your joint rolling expertise.

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