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Using Warm Water in Bongs as per the Best Online Head Shop

Dec 11

If you are a cannabis smoker, you may use a bong to smoke weed. Besides, bongs are perhaps the most popular smoking devices for smoking marijuana. In addition, you can easily find high-quality bongs at affordable prices in the best online head shop. Further, you may also add ice cubes to your bong to enjoy a chill hit, like veteran bong users. But have you tried using warm water to smoke cannabis via a bong? It may sound strange to you to use warm bong water; however, people have also tried warm bong water to smoke weed via a bong.

To clarify further, warm bong water does not mean hot water that can hurt your lungs. It means the water at a temperature that you feel comfortable touching and sipping. Generally, warm water is between the following temperatures: 80 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Water and a Bong

Hot smoke can irritate the back of your throat and is harsh on the lungs, too. However, adding water to a bong allows cannabis users to enjoy smooth and pleasant hits with a bong. Bong water has a recognition for cooling the smoke between the time smoke leaves the bowl and when users inhale. For the same reason, cannabis users find hits from bongs easier on their throats and lungs. Water in a bong can also filter ash out of a bong hit. However, it does not filter everything.

Moreover, many smokers argue warm water is not ideal for cooling the smoke; still, it is not necessarily true. Besides, water is still much cooler than the temperature of the smoke coming out of your lit bowl. You may try adding warm water to your bong if using ice to enjoy bong hits does not fit your needs.  

Why Should You Avoid Using Hot Water While Smoking Cannabis with Bongs?

There are several reasons for cannabis users to avoid using hot bong water to smoke cannabis with bongs. You should not add hot water to a bong to smoke weed because of the following reasons:

  1. It can crack your bong, which you won’t like to happen.
  2. Plus, it can possibly burn your hand.
  3. Moreover, it can burn your lungs, throat, and face.

Thus, you should stay away from adding hot water to bongs you may buy from the best online head shop. Nevertheless, you can use warm water for a bong because of the possible benefits it can offer you.

Possible Benefits of Using Warm Bong Water

The following are the possible benefits of using warm bong water and smoking cannabis with a bong:


You may not enjoy smoking marijuana with bongs in the same way repeatedly if you are a long-time smoker. Adding warm water to your bong will let you enjoy your bong hits with a new experience.


You may not think of humidity levels in a water pipe that water temperature can affect. Besides, humidity is how much water the air has. Further, it means air that mix with your bong smoke if you choose to use warm bong water. The smoke that comes out of a bong is what weed and combustion together create. Moreover, small particles of hot water make the hit more humid and purportedly smoother.


Viscosity resists liquid flow, and water has a low viscosity typically. Moreover, warm water lets the water flow even more easily than cold water. It also produces more yet smaller bubbles than cold water. More bubbles in your bong water mean better filtration with expose of smoke to more water surface area. As a result, it allows cannabis users to enjoy overall smoother hits.

Silky Smooth Hits:

Cannabis users claim that using warm water in a bong lets them enjoy silky smooth hits. Nonetheless, there are also cannabis users who claim they enjoy better hits when they use ice cubes

Are There Any Downsides of Using Warm Bong Water?

You may use warm water while smoking weed with a bong, but make sure the water is not too hot. In addition, make sure you add water to your bong that you can drink, too. Moreover, stay away from using warm bong water if you will allow the water to cool before sipping it. Besides, adding warm water to a bong has the downside of increasing the risk of microorganisms growing in a bong. Further, you should always rinse out your bong after using warm water to enjoy bong hits. Otherwise, you will give bacteria a reason to grow in your water pipe.

Which Is Better – Warm or Cold Bong Water?

The decision is all yours whether you use cold water or warm water for a bong. There are smokers who say they enjoy smoother and cooler hits with cold water. On the other hand, there are smokers who say the exact opposite. Besides, you should not use hot water because it can cause some serious issues for you. 

The Bottom Line

Using warm bong water in a bong you may buy from the best online head shop has possible benefits alongside a drawback; however, it is up to your personal preference whether you choose cold water or warm water to enjoy bong rips.