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Why are Athletes Applying to Medical Marijuana cards?

Feb 20

Why are Athletes Applying to Medical Marijuana cards?

A growing number of current and former players express concerns about cannabis being used for pain relief. They feel it is safer and more effective than opioids.

Football is notoriously difficult. Many players suffer from inflicted injuries that cause pain and result in the prescription of high-dose painkillers to control. In the present climate of concern over the overprescription of opioids, The players could be winning.

The brain and football injuries

State legislatures have passed legislation permitting residents to utilize medical marijuana to treat pain and other symptoms. Even though federal prohibitions ban the use of cannabis, states still have to regulate at the state level. Some NFL players are becoming conscious of the negative impact that football has on their bodies and are pushing for policy reform. They hope their efforts will be rewarded with the endorsement of medical marijuana as a treatment for pain option for treating brain injuries (TBI).


The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke defines TBI as "when a sudden trauma causes brain injury." TBI can occur because professional football players often face brutal head trauma and play that is aggressive. An April study in 2016 revealed that as high as 40% of former NFL players had signs of TBI. This is substantially higher than the percentage of non-athletes. Researchers discovered a connection between the athlete's past playing experience and the possibility of developing signs of TBI.


This research comes from an increasing awareness that footballers are at high risk for chronic traumatic cerebrovascular encephalopathy (CTE). CTE is a disease that is caused by frequent TBIs and head traumas, eventually causing the brain to degrade. Although CTE is not confirmed until the player is examined following his death, there are a variety of indicators in the brains of both former and current NFL players that could indicate the existence of this condition. Memory loss and degenerative diseases are just two of the signs.


Cannabis can be used to treat and even prevent pain.

The most recent research suggests that cannabis can be used for treating TBI or preventing CTE. This would increase the quality of life of people at high risk.


CBD may provide benefits in the treatment of brain trauma. Studies have shown that CBD and CBD trigger brain receptors that guard against damage to the brain following trauma to the brain, whether chronic or acute. Medical cannabis chemicals may act as a protection factor before and after trauma. They may also lessen their effects.

The legalization of recreational marijuana is getting more well-known in states. People must decide whether they wish to purchase recreational or medical cannabis products. Since it's distinct, athletes prefer medical marijuana to recreational marijuana.

What are the advantages of choosing medical over recreational?

There are a variety of reasons athletes might prefer medicinal marijuana over recreational marijuana. First, consider that athletes frequently travel. Some states do not have legalized recreational marijuana use. Some states do not allow it to be used in this way. It was athletes who were the first to make use of the medical marijuana dispensaries of Missouri. It's still illegal to use recreational marijuana. The states that regulate it require that athletes who plan to travel to them obtain the card. Other states allow holders of medical marijuana cards to purchase cannabis outside of their state. For those who travel frequently, medical marijuana could be an appealing option.


Access to goods is simpler and less expensive

Another reason to opt for medical over recreational is that it's typically less expensive. While there is an initial cost for the card and associated services, however, marijuana card 420 will help the user save money in the long term by providing more regulated pricing and easier access. While some states have stricter regulations regarding recreational marijuana, others might be more flexible and offer lower costs. Additionally, medical marijuana programs are safer than dispensaries for recreational use. These dispensaries are more trustworthy than recreational ones, partly because they have been around for a longer time and are better equipped to cope with sudden increases in demand. This makes it much easier for users to find the right products. A medical marijuana card can be an advantage.


The athletes will not only benefit from greater security in accessing products and access, but also the option of choosing from a greater variety of products. Medical products are subject to strict requirements. There are still products to treat specific needs and conditions. It is much easier to go to an agro-pharmacy store rather than go to a store for recreational use.


It's not just for athletes.

This trend isn't just for athletes. Medical marijuana has become a popular choice for many people all over the globe.

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