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6 Clever Hacks to Help You Beat the Summer Heat

Feb 2

Do you feel the idea of an air conditioner cooling your body and making you sweaty? Here are some suggestions to keep cool, saving money and throwing away the old air conditioner.


According to Google, the website, running a window air conditioner for the whole summer can cost you around $300. What space are you planning to select? What about the bedroom? Do you have a home office? Is it your living room? When summer comes around, does everyone in your family gather around the loud, dripping machine? Are there ever complaints about how cold your home is, and how Heating & Cooling Colorado Springs has done everything well?

So, what's the goal to achieve?

CFLs or LEDs are the way to go. If you're looking for a reason to change your mind here's a good one. A majority of the power used by the incandescent bulbs is lost as heat. While CFLs and LEDs only have a small impact on the temperature of your house, they can help to save electricity.


  • Let some fresh air in. You can open your windows in the evening. If you reside in an area that is noisy, use a fan for white noise; it'll still be more effective than the AC unit. It's also possible to enjoy the sounds of peepers and crickets while you sleep if you live in the countryside. They will serenade your sleep.

  • Close the curtains. The morning air is some of the coolest that you can feel all day long however, once the sun is breaking the horizon and temps begin to rise then turn it off. When your home is absorbing the coldest air it can, close your windows and open the blinds to keep it warm. Although it may seem contradictory, your late morning/afternoon self will appreciate it.

  • Take the stove off the table and enjoy the warmth of the fire. It's not a great option to end your day by cranking up an appliance that is 350 degrees in the home.

  • The freezer can bring you chills. Put the new cotton sheets in the freezer prior to when you go to your bed. Relax on a new comfortable bed, cool to the touch.

  • Make use of airflow in innovative ways. You could be mistaken If you thought that fans were used to blow air. Inject all the hot air out of your window box fan by turning it around. If you set windows in a row then the hot air will be pulled out and cool air will be drawn into. You can experiment with different combinations to find the one that is best for your space. You may even find the most popular model that is across the breeze if you're lucky.

  • Reconnect with your roots. Place a large bowl of ice or a roasting pan on top of the fan. The breeze will bring the cold air to you. It was the way it was prior to air conditioning, and it was effective!


Do you want to go down a quart? Fill it up,' says the narrator. Your body needs water to stay cool, which is why it is essential to drink plenty of fluids all day long. Yes, it is natural that your body sweats some.

Take a shower with ice. It's rejuvenating, it saves energy, and studies have shown that it can help you be more productive throughout the day.

Unplug. It is more beneficial to unplug electronics than just turn off your appliances at night. This can reduce the temperature inside your home, and will help you save energy costs.


These are just a few ideas to keep cool in hot weather. But remember to see the bigger picture. You could use the savings to grow trees and vines around your home or to create awnings for your windows. While it may seem like a lot during the summer months, bear in mind that, collectively we can make an important difference in the amount of energy consumption.

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